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Digitalization and Automation Solutions for Different Industries

We deliver both end-to-end solutions and middleware for customers across different industries.

With our business focus “digitalization and automation”, we implement customized solutions to meet business requirements from each user.


Invoices, payment vouchers, POs… Accounting companies and accounting departments always face the challenge of processing high volume documents, and get all approvals in time. Manually processing these documents is low efficiency and error-prone, and if the approval workflow is inefficient, overdue payment cannot be avoided.

We provide automation solution that works with ERP systems, with automatic documents processing and built in accounts payable workflows.



Finance & Banking

Finance organizations have established themselves as the early adopters of smart technologies. For them, RPA can be big help especially for handling high volume repetitive manual tasks during periods of processing the close of the month. And Data Capture solutions can greatly benefit mortgage loan processing, cheque processing, and other tasks involving data collection and document processing.

We provide solutions to help finance organizations significantly reduce operation costs, and improve service qualities.

  • Account Opening Automation
  • Customer Loan Automation
  • Mortgage Processing Automation




Competition, thin margin and low efficiency operations are the challenges that today’s logistic companies have. To keep customers and grow profits, besides lowering price, reducing operation costs is always a good option. High volume of data to process, rapid growing and changing supply chains, repetitive manual works… there are much room for operation efficiency improvement and costs saving.

We provide a set of automation solutions including advanced data capture, real-time data capture, and RPA, these solutions can help reduce many manual tasks, enhance productivities, and cut down operation costs significantly.

  • Logistics data processing automation & supply chain automation




An advanced Data Capture solution can also help insurers speed up document-driving process and deliver insurance services in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Claim forms, contracts, claim proof documents… Any type of documents and data in them can be automatically extracted into insurance system, to help deliver insurance services timely.

Besides Data Capture, when insurance companies want to use automation solutions while maintain regulatory compliance, RPA solution may be the answer. It gives insurers a non-invasive way to integrate core systems and ancillary software applications in a way the supports existing EAI and BPM architecture.

  • Digital mailroom
  • Claim processing automation




EMR systems digitalize healthcare operation, and automation solutions can greatly improve the operation. Register patients, verify insurance cards, process healthcare documents, and collect medical data… These tasks are tedious and time-consuming. Meanwhile, manpower shortage and the needs to provide high quality services add in more operation stress.

We provide advanced automation solutions to free healthcare staff from low value manual work, and help them focus on more value-added tasks.

  • IDs/Cards Instant Capture and Verification
  • Documents Processing & Data Collection Automation



We customize solutions for customers and serve more industries… Contact us to find out what solution we can deliver to help your business.