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Accounts Payable, Singapore, Data Capture, OCR, BPM

Accounts Payable Automation

Processing the accounts payable is time consuming and error prone. What if using software instead of manual work? Can such a solution improve the productivity and save much costs?

The short answer is: Yes.

At Entia Software, we implement Accounts Payable Automation solution for users. Using advanced technologies, our solution is highly automated, easy to be integrated with ERP or accounting systems, and flexible for customization.

When will a business need this solution?

When invoices, POs and related documents come in for payment processing, the finance staff need verify documents, and input necessary information from documents into ERP or accounting systems, these information includes invoice number, invoice date, supplier, total amount, GST, DO number, PO number, and more… Collecting all above data is already time consuming and error prone, not to mention, after this, staff need to do 2 way or 3 way matching, and pass documents to approvers, till finally an invoice gets approved and goes for the payment circle.

When this becomes the daily work, staff is wrapped in low value tasks with inconvenience.

How can our solution help?

Our Accounts Payable Automation solution is to help finance staff get rid of many time consuming manual works, and streamline whole process. The system accepts invoices and related documents coming from different sources, either they are paper documents or electronic files, the system supports.

Key functions include:

  • Classify invoices, and other payment related documents
  • Capture required data from documents
  • Support verification and matching
  • Route documents and captured data to appropriate persons for review and approval
  • Integrate with current ERP or accounting systems
  • More…



This solution simplifies and speeds up the payment processing by automating many manual works and by streamlining whole workflow. At improved productivity and reduced costs, business can better handle their accounts payable, suppliers will be paid on time and staff can focus on more meaningful tasks.