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Document Management Solution

Enterprise Content Management

Archive, manage documents. Big Data search for documents

Manage documents and data. Powerful document search and big data search

Organize, Retrieve, Manage

Advanced solution brings more features and convenience into document management. Also support automation functions with OCR/Data Capture software to automate document e-filing and document indexing.

  • Cost-saving solution with rich document management features to meet business requirements with small investment
  • Using one of today’s best Big Data search engines to support powerful, flexible and fast-speed document/data retrieval
  • Extendable with automation functions

Key Features

Powerful Search

Using top Big Data search engine to provide powerful flexible and fast document search

Document Archive

Smart Folder feature lets user organize documents and folders flexibility

Document Indexing

Documents with properties, metadata and tags for indexing

Version Management

Come with version management feature

Site Management

Define sites to group documents and users


Workflows and dashboard provide easy collaboration over documents

Extendable Solution with Automation Functions

  • Data Capture/OCR software
    Automate documents e-filling, automate documents indexing
  • RPA Software
    Automate rule-based tasks over documents