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About Us

about us

Experienced and creative, we help drive business value with advanced technologies.

Expert and Provide Industry-Trusted Solutions

Entia Software is a Singapore-based IT company focusing on “Business Digitalization and Automation” solutions. After being in business for years, we have successfully helped both local SMEs and MNCs from different industries, and have gained rich experience in how to fast and smoothly implement modern automation solutions for users. 

Advanced Technologies: More Features, Lower Ownership Costs

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Machine-Learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Advanced OCR, Intelligent Data Capture… these modern technologies make our products solutions deliver more features than legacy solutions, and bring immediate values at low costs. 

Our Solutions

We help customers tailor and implement advanced “Digitalization and Automation” solutions that bring immediate values. These solutions are feature-rich, cost-effective, and flexible to be deployed into different IT environments. Our technical team delivers suitable solution and maximizes technical benefits.

Our Services

Good service is always at the heart of our company. We have local technical team who is knowledgeable in both legacy systems and the latest applications, and is able to provide prompt and reliable services for development, customization, implementation, and system maintenance.

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