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  • Digitalize and automate your business
    Improve productivity
    Reduce working stress
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Let software robots do
    rule-based tasks for you
  • Data Capture/ OCR
    Capture data automatically, replace manual data entry

Digitalization and Automation

Focusing on business digitalization and automation, we provide Industry Trusted Solutions that have successfully helped both Local SMEs and MNCs. Having served in industry for many years, we are experts in delivering advanced and cost-saving solutions that bring immediate values.

01/ Solutions

We implement advanced and customized solutions to both local SMEs and MNCs for their detailed digitalization and automation requirements

We use advanced technologies such as RPA, Machine-Learning & AI, Intelligent Data Capture, Advanced OCR

03/ Costs

Our solutions are feature-rich and cost-effective, they also deliver instant values to help users reduce operation costs

Featured Customers

Our Business

We deliver industry trusted solutions that add digital and automatic workforce into business, to help reduce operation costs and improve operation efficiency.


We provide a collection of solutions, covering advanced OCR for volume processing, real-time instant data capture, business process automation by RPA, business workflow by BPM, and customized software modules


We not only implement solution using single technology, but also provide cusomtized solution with combination of technologies, including combining OCR with RPA or BPM for the best results and in more cost-saving way

Advanced Solutions, Proven Values

Win Competition Advantage

Add digital and automatic workflow into business, reduce manpower waste and reduce operation costs

Automation Made Easy

The combination of RPA, AI, Machine-learning, Intelligent Data Capture and other advanced technologies benefits customers in their daily work at low costs

Enhanced Integration Capability

Work seamlessly with various application systems, fit into different IT environments