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Data Automation Solution

OCR/ Advanced Data Capture

Advanced data extraction and document classifcation tool to help business run more efficiently

Capture data from documents and images. Classify and index documents

Extraction – Transformation – Loading

  • Extract data from documents and images
  • Format data into structured information
  • Export data into Application Systems, Database and Excel Files

Key Features

Full Set of Recognition Capabilities

Characters, Check Marks, Barcodes, QR codes

Great Accuracy

Advanced OCR engines to recognize over 100 types of languages with high accuracy

Multi-Channel Document Import

Scanning, Email, Mobile Capture, Upload…

Document & Image Types

Support the processing of many documents types and images types

System Scalability

Great system scalability based on business requirements

More Features

More advanced features, great flexibility for customization

Data Capture Solutions and Applications

  • Data Collection
    Capture data from documents, forms, cards and images, format captured data and export data to database or applications
  • Document Convert, Indexing & Archiving
    Convert documents and images and documents into PDF files, classify, capture indexing information, and export both PDF files and indexing information for archiving
  • Form Processing
    Process various types of forms, collect data from forms and classify forms
  • Table Extraction
    Extract table information from documents or images, export into Excel format
  • More...