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Bot Automation Solution

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Advanced RPA tool automate business processes across the enterprise using software bots

Automate the rule-based and repetitive tasks of your business process

Free up valuable time, reduce operation costs

  • Automate ANY routine tasks:
    Automate data collection, information checking, daily administrative tasks, email operations... Interact with websites, web applications, and desktop applications
  • Manage & Control:
    Enable user mange, review and control automations based on working style and compliant with organization’s IT governance practices

Key Features

Web Data Extraction

Read and process web data for daily needs, save and present web data to users

Web Automation

Support web automation across all 3 major web browsers, automate web tasks, web testing and web form filling, etc

Email Automation

Monitor emails, send, receive and process emails automatically

Desktop Automation

Automate desktop applications that are used in daily routine within existing IT infrastructure

Files and Folders Automation

Automate files and folders operations, batch rename, move and other tasks about the file system

Monitoring & Scheduling

Manage all automated business process, set customized schedules, monitor “bots” performance

RPA Solutions and Applications

  • Data Collection
    Automate data collection from websites, web applications, files and other applications, gather and present collected data to user
  • Data Input
    Support software Bot follow pre-defined instructions, to input data into desktop or web applications with data source
  • Email Automation
    Automate email operation such as monitor emails, send emails in pre-defined formats, handling email attachments and more
  • Files & Folders Automation
    Automate file and folder operations in file system
  • More...